A story of 2 thoughts

I used to try hard

to slow down my poor brain

Finished drinking at 2

until 2 thoughts remained

One thought would be new

and one thought never changed

One thought would wash off

and one thought left a stain

One thought would excite

and one thought left me drained

New theories of why

every day felt the same

But it’d dawn on me,

in an isolate state,

that one thought always bent

to another thought’s weight.



Salad Queue

Salad queue man, it’s a long one

Chicken? Spicy and with bacon

I regret the extra onion

Mouth is numb, but still I chew on.

I’m a survivor!

In a suit without a jacket…

without a tie…

In a corporate world but can I hack it?

Can I attack it with my youth?

And is being young still such a weapon?

I take my fork and then my knife and then my spoon

but then I reckon:

Maybe a good meal is enough, in a world that’s real enough

To make feel, like this here deal, with all this food, is good enough

To surrender my control and make promotions my new goal?

Live a life I did not know before a single year ago?

I take my seat, place my tray

I check my phone, long ass day

Counting down until it ends

Knowing it will start again.


I can be all, that you need me to be

I can fit any skin that I’m given

I consider it chance, I am here as I am

and I’ll never let chance be my prison.


Think of me, if you would, as a ball of potential

Exploring my personal limits

I do not quite know, what of life I control

but I’ll try it all till life prohibits.


Let me know your ideas and I’ll think up some too

And if I could help you, I’d be flattered

I don’t want to survive, make money or get by

I’d just like, when I’m gone, to have mattered.

Chère Maman

Today, I am told, I should celebrate you

Although one day a year is far less than you’re due.

You’re the person I trust when I’m scared to tell others

& I can’t resist rhyming so this line ends with “mother”.

I was a terror in school, and I had a tough time

but when I was lost, you would act as my sign.

If you said I was right, I didn’t fear consequences.

No, my head would be high, I shook off their offences.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.44.09

I was the slowest of runners, hardly got any As

but you’d always praise effort and my own unique pace.

You taught me to live, without fear of rejection

and to always be me, not another’s reflection.

And Mum, I still need you to show linings in clouds

Less now than before, but when ridden with doubts

I try my best to see people as you always have;

To understand and to help them & to give them a chance.


There’s a lot more I know this poem hasn’t conveyed

but I owe you my life and each time it’s been saved.

You have done so much good, world’s a much better place

and I’ll always be proud that, by you, I was raised!

I love you Mummy!

Thank you for that song

I regret chasing you for as long as I did

I regret dreaming moulds that I hoped you might fit

I really wish my naive confidence wasn’t hit

but it was you who first me showed me that song.

For all of the pain loving you made me feel

For the hope and the hype before that shit reveal

It was almost all lies but something was still real

how I felt when you played me that song

I didn’t like listening to it right next to you

I preferred it through headphones alone on the tube

But you know what I’m fair so I’ll give you your due

f**k you but thank you for that song.

The Perfect Life

I don’t want the perfect life

A kid, a wife, a home, a jail

A paralytic sense of being

and passion far too easily quelled


I don’t want the perfect life

a step by step guide to success

from school to school and job to job

I respect these but don’t obsess


Because to me that is no life

and I don’t want a stable net

but then you ask me what I want

I want to not know what I’ll get

Street Life by Jamie Smith


I gave a homeless man I saw sitting on the pavement a pound this evening and as I was about to leave, he offered me a poem.

We should all try to stop, smile and say hello more 🙂  It might actually help someone get through a tough time and feel just a little bit loved.