Ars Poetica


I think her name was Namithia

There’s one name I don’t know

Met her 10 years ago

but I’ll tell you all that I remember.

She was gone in a blink

but still just have a think

and tell me, if you could, if you’ve met her

She was fair and petite

and revised for a week

in the same school as me back in Bond Street.

It was called DLD

David Laing and Willy

Actually “Dick” – a bad joke

This concerns me.

Is it lack of focus

and my casual modus

that has stopped me recalling her clearly?

When we sat on the stairs

should have taken more care

to show her that I loved her sincerely.

Or just like?

Love’s a beast!

But a number at least

would have given me something to stride for.

But I left it too long

By Friday, she was gone

Yet a girl who’s unknown I still write for.


A story of 2 thoughts

I used to try hard

to slow down my poor brain

Finished drinking at 2

until 2 thoughts remained

One thought would be new

and one thought never changed

One thought would wash off

and one thought left a stain

One thought would excite

and one thought left me drained

New theories of why

every day felt the same

But it’d dawn on me,

in an isolate state,

that one thought always bent

to another thought’s weight.