Salad Queue

Salad queue man, it’s a long one

Chicken? Spicy and with bacon

I regret the extra onion

Mouth is numb, but still I chew on.

I’m a survivor!

In a suit without a jacket…

without a tie…

In a corporate world but can I hack it?

Can I attack it with my youth?

And is being young still such a weapon?

I take my fork and then my knife and then my spoon

but then I reckon:

Maybe a good meal is enough, in a world that’s real enough

To make me feel, like this here deal, with all this food, is good enough

To surrender my control and make promotions my new goal?

Live a life I did not know before a single year ago?

I take my seat, place my tray

I check my phone, long ass day

Counting down until it ends

Knowing it will start again.


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