Putting it all together

If I tell you everything

Explain each piece and where it fits

Must I put it all together

or could you just help me with it?

Because I swear I’m not being lazy

and I’ll give you all the clues

It’s just I’m not the greatest speaker

but they might listen to you

and I say “they” but I mean you

I mean the voices in your head;

The little one that they call doubt,

the bloody huge one they call dread

That’s the thing dear I can ramble

Tell me where to fit the commas?

I know nouns but it’s a gamble

if and when verbs fall upon us

I say “us” but mean myself

and each scenario i’ve concocted

Once experience joins the chat

you see my mind becomes distorted

It can’t handle these small pieces

the way I know that your mind can

So how ’bout one big ol’ confession

instead of this sad sweaty hand?

I know you know that it’s quite tempting

You can have all the control

and be the master of my fate

my dear, the captain of my soul!

Wouldn’t that just be amazing?

All you have to do is listen!

Do not judge or think me mad

or wonder if I am worth kissing

Just say “stop” and I’ll stop talking

and I’ll let you take the lead

Oh lovely, I  believe in you!

Just let me know what else you need.


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