Sing me a song

Sing me a song darling?

Tell me a tale?

These waves crash too loud for me.

It’s my very first sail.

And I feel slightly nervous

but your voice calms me down.

Just one song made for me

with some verbs and a noun.

Yes..I do see him smiling.

Captain finds me quite odd.

He’s probably wondering to himself

why I’m even aboard.

To be fair you did make me.

Your boldness infectious.

Your smile kind of told me

that some force might protect us.

True or not, I’m still here.

Mother nature be damned.

In trying hard to impress you

I’ve learnt what I’ll withstand.

And I’ll withstand a lot.

You make me want to try.

So come on, sing a song dear

till I spot something dry.


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