My Love for You

You know, sometimes expressing my love for you is hard

As my love is not as simple as the words on a Hallmark card.

And it can never be as simple as us merely holding hands

It’s more like a mutual agreement that only we can understand

Our love isn’t based on us having no flaws

It’s more us accepting these, and still coming back for more

And it’s not calling you every 5 minutes, to make sure that you’re okay

Because if we did that, when we did meet, we’d having nothing left to say.

My love for you is not so strong that I have lost all control

But it means when I hold you, it’s with my mind, body, and soul.

So this love may not be magical or belong in a fairytale

But I promise this love I have for you will never, ever fail.


(Photo Credit: Jim Corwin) 


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