Seduction by Verse

Hello my dear stranger!

Darling, please don’t be scared

See your eyes seemed to tease me

By my heart I was dared

See I’m not quite that brave

So I’ll let you know first

I was thinking I’d kiss you

but first charm you with verse.


See I don’t fully trust you

I don’t think you’d lean in

but maybe you might

if it had some meaning

If I made you feel me

and you saw through my eyes

See this verse is the truth

not romantic disguise.


Well I say it’s the truth

but I’ll take liberties

I’m creative by nature

so I’ll do as I please

Of course, I won’t lie

but I might make you laugh

It’d feel much less awkward

if I took this nice path.


I am rather amusing

and also quite weird

I could say all I was scared of

and I bet I’d be cheered

because people are scared too

and no one’s that smooth

but see the thing that I do

is put this fear to good use.


I try to address it

because waste not, want not

Any tool can be used

Search the tools that you’ve got!

Make your weakness your strength

Twist perceptions with wit

Just embrace all your flaws

and you might be a hit!


Well you also might not

but that’s the risk one must take

After all what is life

if there’s nothing at stake?

But I’ve told you my plan

That might make me a fool

I gave you all my secrets

Let you peek past the wool.


Unless this was it!

Honesty being my charm

And now you are all like

“Can I lean on your arm?”

And maybe you can

and I’ll go for a kiss.

Who else could seduce you

in a way such as this?


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