Actions & Thoughts

It must feel quite nice

To just act out a thought

Even actions quite cruel

But yet not feel distraught

You betray your own words

And yet still fully trust

That the hurt will survive

For the mere fact they must

It must feel quite good too

Not to let guilt consume you

And to know we will doubt

That such acts could continue

So extreme, so surreal

That they’re labelled mere rumours

“They’re just lies, just small cancers

which have formed larger tumours”.

I feel guilt just for knowing

I could have those thoughts too

And I spend hours thinking

About how they’d be construed

By God, by myself,

By anyone who’s involved

So I try to stop thinking

And just pray I’m absolved.

Yet you act without pause

Without even a flinch

You reward only lust

And don’t give guilt an inch

In some ways I am jealous

Of this gift you possess

For me, thoughts, hardly actions

Are what cause such unrest.


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