From time to time I have moments, that do not come a lot,
Birds that weave through the sky, become souls I feared lost
And the clouds that I stare at, show a world that I envy:
A world constantly moving, whilst my ego won’t let me

I’d like to lie here, for a while, if I can.
There’s nowhere else I can go, no one who’ll understand;
They don’t know, like the clouds, how I long to escape,
and don’t know how I wish that the birds might just stay.

They don’t stay for long though, no, eventually they go.
New clouds form every second, the birds fly to…who knows?
And it is almost hopeless, to dream that I’ll go too.
No, I learnt when I was young, that those dreams don’t come true.

But there’s a comfort in knowing, I could lie here again
Just a minute’s escape, from my family and friends.
My subconscious would paint me a sign on the clouds,
And whilst it’d seem most uncertain, it’d feel too real to doubt.



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