Intrusive Thoughts

I’m not sure if I’m depressed.
Over thinking’s the first step.
I analysed the thoughts I had.
Ignored a few but most I kept
But mentioning those ignored thoughts,
makes me think they never went.
If I forgot they were still there,
how come they’re still so relevant?

I’m conscious of sub-conscious thoughts.
I guess those thoughts come up a lot.
They are the type you’ll never say,
the type that’ll never get you caught.
They only hurt those with a conscience:
an overactive sense of guilt.
They tend to seep through mental walls,
of empty thoughts…those poorly built.

One’s empty thoughts are obvious,
they are the things your eyes can see.
Like say you see some tasty food,
you might just think you’re quite hungry.
My thoughts will often go beyond that.
Occasionally they’re kinda scary.
Sometimes, I’m lucky and they’re mild
Sometimes I’d rather not be near me.

The scary ones: “Intrusive thoughts”
are often found in OCD-ers.
I used to think I was just weird
so let’s thank God for Wikipedias.
They tend to come when I’m alone;
When everybody’s gone to bed.
They seem to thrive when I am worried,
Oh what cruel voices in my head.



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