A Bit About Me

I often wrestle with my hands
and have bad thoughts I don’t intend
and I still can’t ride a bike
and left and right just make no sense.
And when my feet can’t touch the ground,
or if the chair can move at all…
…I get this overwhelming fear,
that if I lean back I will fall.
I think religion ruined God
yet to this day I’m a believer.
I like to think His message’s good
and we’re just real f**ked up receivers.
I sucked my thumb till I was 10.
I really hate being upside down.
And I was bullied throughout school
and I became the class room clown.
Faked confidence when I was hated
It seems I’m awkward now I’m loved
and people tell me I was brave
That wasn’t me….I covered up
I often doubt the things I know
as life has taught me not to trust.
Some friends I have weren’t friends before
but they’ve moved on. I know I must.



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