Nigerian Hypocrite

You complain about the system
when you need the system to complain
and you keep on saying we’ll make a difference
if we could all just think the same.

You tweet that money isn’t everything
from that smart phone your parents paid for.
You post a picture of children dying,
You get to “like” it, whilst they stay poor.

A Nigerian song gets British airplay,
you adopt the movement like it’s your struggle
but if asked if you’re Nigerian,
you claim you’re half-blood not full muggle.

What makes you think you’re any different,
is it your wealth or education?
Or that accent you’ve developed,
does it create some complications?

I’m not proud to be Nigerian
’cause I know it’s bound to self destruct.
There’s nothing more I can protect.
What I used to love, I have forgot.

But you who say you’re oh so proud,
please don’t become a hypocrite.
Go back home and make a difference
or be like me and call it quits



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