A drink for confrontations.

This feels like social segregation.
I’m just shy, my mind’s not vacant.
I need a drink for confrontations.
Ah f**k this waiting, I’m not patient.
I’ve got this epic conversation,
that can’t be over-contemplated
or complicated. Right, let me say it!
Turn off the lights, pretend I’m praying.
See I’m not staying beyond a moment. 
Might end up lying or being too open.
You don’t want that. It’s too much drama
It’s all my pain. I’m a self-harmer
I might calm down. Don’t want to scare you,
or wake up sober and even fear you.
I think my room’s really quite near you.
Think we’ve been neighbours for a year too.
Sometimes I hear you though I pretend
that my ipod’s my only friend. 
It’s just my first line of defence
’cause I’m not all that confident.
But for the sake of one lost night.
For the sake of one last try. 
For the sake of never knowing
if you will ever become mine…

I might just kiss you. If that’s okay?


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