Song of the Day – 911


A story of 2 thoughts

I used to try hard

to slow down my poor brain

Finished drinking at 2

until 2 thoughts remained

One thought would be new

and one thought never changed

One thought would wash off

and one thought left a stain

One thought would excite

and one thought left me drained

New theories of why

every day felt the same

But it’d dawn on me,

in an isolate state,

that one thought always bent

to another thought’s weight.


Salad Queue

Salad queue man, it’s a long one

Chicken? Spicy and with bacon

I regret the extra onion

Mouth is numb, but still I chew on.

I’m a survivor!

In a suit without a jacket…

without a tie…

In a corporate world but can I hack it?

Can I attack it with my youth?

And is being young still such a weapon?

I take my fork and then my knife and then my spoon

but then I reckon:

Maybe a good meal is enough, in a world that’s real enough

To make feel, like this here deal, with all this food, is good enough

To surrender my control and make promotions my new goal?

Live a life I did not know before a single year ago?

I take my seat, place my tray

I check my phone, long ass day

Counting down until it ends

Knowing it will start again.